The family man

The lover of adventure is also a steadfast family man.

Swadesh places great value on family support, and feels one’s performance and success levels are largely determined by the support one gets from his immediate family. He considers himself fortunate in this respect and likes to state the high support level he’s received from his family – his wife  Mala, and daughters Ambika and Meenakshi. Mala in particular, has contributed greatly to his overall success and been his ‘partner’ in every sense of the word.
Swadesh now has bigger family- with two Son in Laws and three beautiful grand children. 
Ambika married Ramesh in 2014 and has two son - Aarav ( born on 1 December 2015) and Aadit ( born of 12 October 2017) .
Meenakshi married Vibhor in 2010 and has one daughter- Tia ( born on 23 July 2012).




Swadesh was very close to his parents Mahashya Shanti Prakash and Smt. Sauhbhagaya Rani. Unfortunatly, they are no longer with us. In their memory, Swadesh and Mala and created a charitable trust in their name. Through this   trust Swadesh plans to continue the social service that his parents did in addition to more social work in their name.