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PILOT, MOUNTAINEER, EXPLORER, ENVIRONMENTALIST: How many epithets can one man have?

Capt. Swadesh Kumar, founder of Shikhar Group of Companies, India (1979) is a man with a multi-faceted personality. And a steadfast mission.  In fact, many missions, and many ‘mountains to climb’.

Swadesh Kumar has always been a totally ‘hands-on’ person, involving himself fully in whatever he’s done, and with whom he’s done it. He’s looked at every associate as a ‘team member’.  Though his achievements are laudatory, he now wants to do ‘more’ for himself, his family, his business, the community at large, and for what’s closest to his heart – the Indian adventure tourism industry. He wants to ‘contribute’ further and render assistance where it really matters.

Every inch am entrepreneur, Swadesh Kumar, however, has always had his priorities straight and has been a philanthropist in his own right. Driven by his desire to go beyond commercial matters, his emphasis has always been on involving the communities with which he deals, so that they can grow, progress and prosper, and share in the gains, be they material or otherwise. In particular, he wants to do his bit for underprivileged children.