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Caring & Sharing

Swadesh Kumar has been actively involved in the Rotary movement in India. He is a Charter member of Rotary Club of Delhi South Metropolitan (R.I. 3010) and was its President during 1994-95 . He held many positions in his District  R.I.  3010.   He  served as Assistant Governor, Zone 2 for the district for the year 2002-2003.
He is also a Founder Trustee of Rotary South Metropolitan Trust and  presently serving as  its Secretary. This Trust is responsible for looking after the community projects of Rotary club of Delhi South Metropolitan, including the community project at the slum areas of Kusumpur Pahari (Delhi), a project at Chamba, district Teri in Garhwal Himalayas, and many more.

The Rotary experience has broadened his outlook towards life. It has also helped him become more ‘caring and sharing’ in nature.